SEO articles are a wonderful marketing tool in organic search engine optimization. Can you imagine having first page placement in the search engines? With the right keywords, focus, and well written articles it is possible.
The following are a few ways you can use SEO articles to increase your online visibility:

1. Post SEO articles to ezines such as this one to add value to readers - when you post an article on an ezine site your content is able to be published by editors who are looking for great content to add to their customer base. Your copy is then available to even more readers who can benefit from the information you offer. If your SEO articles are written to give insightful information rather than exclusively market yourself, you stand a chance of widespread exposure.

2. Add value to your social media contacts - Share the good news with others in your social media circle. You don't necessarily want to post 500 word SEO articles to twitter (that would take a whole lot of tweets!) but you can add an interesting snip bit in those 140 characters and include a link to your article.

3. You do have great content on you website, right? - When prospects read your SEO articles they will want to learn more. A welcoming website will offer the additional information on your topic and let them know how to pay for your products or services. Really, you don't want to post duplicate content on your site so placing the article here would be a no - no. But what you can do is include links to direct readers to your published SEO articles online.

4. Articles can be offered to your site visitors as an incentive - You can have a special report or exclusive article that you give in return for a first name and email address. It's a win-win! Your customers get even more great content and you are invited to speak to them through email that they requested (and are more likely to open). This is another great way to establish a relationship with your contact

5. Post a condensed version of full SEO articles to a blog - Nowadays, articles should aim to be around 500 words. That may be a little much for a blog. Instead, relay creative content on a blog in under 250 words. Don't have a blog? Tips, templates, and trade secrets are available on the site - at little to no cost to you.

These are just a few tips to help you use SEO articles to help you increase your online visibility. When done the right way you are sure to secure more traffic and results.



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